ModProp Co-innovation joint action aims to form a network of SMEs and mid-cap companies which can together offer a full propulsion package to for ships. These companies delivering systems, components, or services for ship propulsion are facing challenges in their competitive edge against large entities that can offer full propulsion packages as a single-window principle. The shipyard, or the owner, often wants to buy the full propulsion package from one provider that can offer the propulsion unit, the power line and the power distribution system to the propulsion. On the other hand, when the shipyard wants to coordinate the integration of the full propulsion system, the component and system providers are separately invited to bid their offering against their competitors, which evolves additional pressure to pricing.

The propulsion package will be modular so that the offering can be modified according to the needs of each ship project. The solution compounds consist of products and services from several companies so that the interface design and implementation is a crucial part of the successful offering. As a part of the full propulsion system, the network can provide also smart shipping solutions as dynamic positioning and autopilot, as well as route optimization for transits.

Workpackages structureIn case the shipyard wants to purchase the components and systems separately, a strong network strengthens the position of all members in the network.  As the systems and components are already compatible between the network members, it gives benefit in time and costs of design and delivery when the integrator uses the solutions of the network members.

The marketing for the common solution can foster the commercial activities of each partner in the network in suitable situations. A demonstrator for the full propulsion package may introduce more interests in different stakeholders and lead to further discussions for individual offerings.

The project is scheduled for 1/2020 – 12/2022.


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